Our Process

The Grapes
It all starts with the fruit. We source our grapes from premier vineyards that have been growing remarkable grapes for decades. We acquire fruit from vineyards run by people with a passion for growing quality grapes. There is one caveat – we insist that all our vineyards employ sustainable farming practices, for a minimal environmental impact.

One of the most critical phases in wine making begins with the harvest. Harvesting too early, or too late can reduce the fruit’s peak potential. The timing of the harvest is largely determined by the weather, so we keep a close watch and let mother nature do it’s magic, to maximize the quality of the fruit.

This is where a good wine maker has most control and can significantly impact the quality of the final product. Our winemakers keep a close watch on the fermentation process, deciding as we go what is required to highlight the best characteristics of the juice.

Also known as the “aging vessel”. This is where the young wine will spend the majority of its early life. What type of oak barrel (French or American), new or used, a combination of both (maybe a “zebra” barrel, which is a little of both). These are all critical decisions we take to enhance the ultimate enjoyment of a Platinum Crush wine.

Unique Blending
We blend wines from different vineyards and varietals to create our own unique blends. Our goal when blending is to create a synergy between great wines, crafted by top vineyards into something truly unique.

We use all of our senses and much care into crafting our wines and hope you love them as much as we do.