Crafting Award Winning Wine

Our winemaking mission is to create premium wine that produces a unique sensory experience for our Platinum Crush family. As a boutique winery, we strive to produce quality wine that is distinctive. While we are not always 100% successful (Mother Nature has ultimate call on what kind of grapes we get, and all good wine starts with quality fruit), one thing is for certain. We will do our best to produce the finest wine we can with what Mother Nature provides.

While there are many aspects of winemaking within a wine marker’s control, a big part of winemaking is luck. Mother Nature decides in any given year the quality of the growing season and therefore the quality of the fruit at harvest. All great wines start with the grape, much like all great recipes start with great ingredients. At Platinum Crush we strive to find the best quality fruit to make our wine. We then employ our skill as winemakers to make our exceptional wines.

There is much work that goes into crafting wine. Each creation truly is a work of art. As summary of our process:

The Grapes

It all starts with the farming. We source our grapes from premier vineyards that have been growing remarkable fruit for decades. Exceptional “juice” starts with exceptional grapes, and we acquire fruit from vineyards run by men and women that have been growing grapes for many years. We have one additional requirement – all of the vineyards we deal with must practice sustainable farming methods to minimize our environmental impact.


After Mother Nature has provided her bounty we begin one of the most critical phases in winemaking – harvest. Picking too early could reduce the potential of the grapes. Harvesting too late and we may miss the fruit’s peak potential. Weather has a big impact on timing of harvest and maximizing the quality of the fruit.


This is where a good wine maker can significantly impact the quality of the final product. During fermentation, our winemakers will review the wine and decide what processes are required to maximize the quality of the juice.


Also known as the “aging vessel”. This is where the young wine will spend the majority of its early life. What type of oak barrel (French or American), new or used, a combination of both (maybe a “zebra” barrel, which is a little of both). Critical decisions to improve and enhance the sensory experience of a Platinum Crush wine.

Unique Blending

We will take wines from different vineyards and different grapes to create our own unique blends. When we blend, our goal is to enhance the great wine crafted from single vineyards into something truly unique.

We hope you enjoy every bottle of Platinum Crush wine. We put a great deal of time and effort into our wine making and hope you love our wine as much as we do.