Into The Future..

Welcome to our “cellar”. A sneak peak into our wine in production

Our philosophy at Platinum Crush is simply this – it is all about the wine. We listened to grandma….good things come to those who wait.

This means we do not rush our wine. Larger commercial wineries, with the need to satisfy shareholders and earn an ever increasing return on capital, push wine to market quicker than we prefer. However, while the end result is certainly good, many techniques that accelerate wine to market also shorten wine longevity. 

The wine makers at Platinum Crush take a slower approach, crafting wine for longevity. That is why you will see vintages in our cellar that other wineries will have on the market. We think the result is a better overall bottle of wine. 

We think it sets Platinum Crush apart. We hope you agree. Let us know what you think @